About Us

About Us:

We offer four cozy huts in a beautiful and unique style. All of them are built with wood from native trees, are equipped with private bathrooms and a wood fired stove. Each of the huts has got a terrace towards the seashore from where you can enjoy a privileged view onto the Pitipalena Fjord. From your hut you can observe dolphins, sea lions and many kinds of ocean birds. A few steps away there are even more birds to spot in the old growth forests or in the wetlands close by.

Our service is tailored to your personal needs but all within a hospitable and family environment. We will make you feel at home! The food in prepared with produce from our organic fam (meat, organic vegetables and fruits). There are many activities like kayak, trekking, horseback riding or fishing all according to your personal desires.

From our lodge you have got access to fjords and rivers to practice traditional fishing, go for walks along the beach and through old-growth forests, do bird watching while floating on a kayak across the fjords, take a boat trip to observe sea lions and dolphins or just relax while reading a good book and listening to the sounds of the sea and the forest.  And one more thing: the light. You will be amazed how the light changes during the day. It might rain and all of a sudden the sun appears and a huge rain bow spans across the fjord or the evening sun embraces the forests and mountain tops within a beautiful fairytale light.



Trekking: With low tide you can just walk down a short stairways from our lodge to the sea to go for a hike on the wide and extended seashore. You could also follow some of the fine walking trails in the old growth forests and towards the ocean.

Kayak: These small but safe boats are perfect to explore the fjords and to observe birds, dolphins, penguins and sea lions without disturbing them. The wild animals often come very close and you can get in touch with them.

Boat tours: for a few hours or up to an entire day to observe marine fauna in the marine park of Tic-Toc, one of Chile´s most important marine reserves.

Horse-back riding:  You could also go on a horse-back ride along the beach, across our big organic farm or to the wetlands area of Palena river.

The lodge offers activities ranging from half a day to several day trips including kayak tours on the Palena river or exclusive trips in a catamaran all the way to Laguna San Rafael or to the mystic Corcovado National Park.