Fundo Los Leones – FLL –  was founded in the 1940s when the Bohle brothers came to the Leona Island in order to colonize the area. The land has been owned by this family up to the 1980s when it was sold to an owner who decided to restore and conserve the area, thereby creating a conservation project.  Eventually FLL was bought by a group of people to use it a vacation place for themselves and their families. With the time they decided to open their doors to tourists offering a comfortable infrastructure and hospitable services, to create a unique place for rest and inspiration for their visitors.

In the beginning this was a difficult endeavor as the only access was by air or through sea but in 2009 a side road from the Carretera Austral to RMB was inaugurated., thereby opening the FLL to car access of roughly 1 ½ hours from the village of La Junta.